AI MAXTools and Borgware GmbH Form Strategic Partnership

AI-Borgware02.pngAgreement Expands AI MAXTools Presence in Europe and Provides European Users of PTC Creo/Elements Direct Software with Localized Add-in Tools, Expertise and Support

"This agreement provides users in Europe a better opportunity to improve the functionality of their PTC software. The AI MAXTools suite saves time, increases productivity, and improves quality for engineering and design organizations."


AI MAXTools, Inc. announced today a strategic partnership with Borgware PLM GmbH. Under terms of the agreement, Borgware PLM GmbH will be the exclusive reseller of AI MAXTools in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and will provide a localized version of the AI MAXTools product suite into German. Additionally, Borgware PLM GmbH will offer product expertise, training and support for all AI MAXTools products in the region.

AI MAXTools is a suite of add-in tools for PTC’s Creo/Elements Direct (formerly CoCreate) that increases productivity and streamlines design methodology by providing higher design quality, shorter design cycles, and more accurate/complete models. The AI MAXTools productivity suite integrates seamlessly with Creo Elements/Direct and brings new and improved functionality to all users, including those that have not yet upgraded to the latest version of the software.

PTC Creo/Elements Direct software has seen widespread adoption in Germany, providing product design companies with 3D CAD modeling, integrated product data management (PDM) and collaboration software. AI MAXTools combined with the extremely popular PTC software allows users to increase productivity even further.

"This agreement with Borgware PLM GmbH will provide users in Europe a better opportunity to improve the functionality of their PTC software. The AI MAXTools suite saves time, increases productivity, and improves quality for engineering and design organizations," explained Andy Poulsen, president and Chief Technology Officer at AI MAXTools. "We’re excited to be partnering with Borgware PLM GmbH to extend the functionality of their customers’ current PTC software. AI MAXTools provides powerful, easy-to-use functionality that increases productivity—even on older versions of the PTC and CoCreate software."

According to Matthias Pfeifer, Managing Director at Borgware PLM GmbH, the AI MAXTools partnership opens additional opportunities to better serve their customers. “We are impressed with the AI MAXTools product suite and their reputation for increasing design productivity of Creo Elements/Direct users. We look forward to working together with AI MAXTools Inc. to provide even more superior software tools, services and expertise to our customers.”

About Borgware PLM GmbH 
Borgware PLM GmbH provides software solutions and expertise in product lifecycle management (PLM), computer-aided design (CAD) and service lifecycle management (SLM). Customers include companies that develop and maintain products in the distributed manufacturing sectors such as mechanical engineering, automotive and electronics. Borgware is based in Haigerloch and Munich, Germany and currently serves more than 500 companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.Additional information about Borgware PLM GmbH is available at

About AI MAXTools, Inc. 
AI MAXTools, Inc. (AI) has been supporting users of PTC Creo Elements/Direct (formerly CoCreate) Modeling and Drafting since 1995. The AI MAXTools suite helps CAD users enjoy designing again by providing a variety of add-in functionality that enhances the software. These add-ins enable mechanical engineers and designers to improve productivity and increase efficiency, reduce design time, and deliver higher quality designs. Through years of hands-on CAD experience, AI brings a user’s perspective to the development of worthwhile, easy-to-use productivity tools. This perspective also drives the company’s commitment to fast, responsive support and its mission to help companies and individuals to be more productive. AI is a Gold Software Partner in the PTC PartnerAdvantage program.

Additional information about AI MAXTools and its suite of productivity tools is available at

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